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FUEL FOR STAGE is a free managing and marketing program for bands that want to go all the way and have that something that could turn into an international success.

We believe that there are genuinely stardom potential do-it-yourself bands in Finland. They have great songs and they have rehearsed those songs so that audience can feel the thing they want to say. The problem is that no one helps them to drive forward.

We take you through the steps necessary for you to understand what it takes to become internationally recognized band. In the program you’ll have that opportunity you’ve always wanted – the knowledge, the coaching and a dedicated team working with you.

Join our family today and let’s begin the journey!

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The free Coaching Program consists of workshops and live performances. Between them our team works with bands to grow their fan base and find them new opportunities. The free Coaching Program includes:


  • Live performing
  • Band identity, design
  • Marketing, social media
  • Song writing
  • Music business


To apply to this coaching program you’ll have to

  1. Fill the basic information to the application
  2. Tell us what you are willing to do to become internationally recognised band
  3. What do you expect us to teach you during the program
  4. Attach a link to your band live performance not older than one year

Apply now to the program!

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Oletko kyllästynyt pintaliitopurkkapoppiin ja tosi-TV “talenttiin”?

Löimme viisaat rock-päämme yhteen ja teimme sinulle ja muille Suomen rokkidiggareille palveluksen.  

Nyt koet tuoreimmat nousevat bändit samassa paikassa – FUELFORSTAGE.COMissa.


  • Kansainvälisesti potentiaalisia bändejä, joista voit löytää uusia suosikkeja
  • Kuulu heidän tarinaansa heti alkumetreillä ennen suurta menestystä
  • Nauti bändien show-meiningistä keikoilla tai verkossa kotisohvalta
  • Tue bändejä hankkimalla heidän oheistuotteitaan
  • Edullinen sisäänpääsy keikoille ja tarjouksia joka ilta
  • Kilpailuja, arvontoja, yllätysohjelmaa

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Mobile App

FUEL FOR STAGE is a channel into the most promising upcoming bands. Listen new music every month, get to know bands, entertain yourself with social media, buy discounted tickets and merchandises.

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FUEL FOR STAGE is a channel into the most promising upcoming bands in Finland. You’ll have access to bands themselves, to their growing fan bases and potentially even to international audiences.

You’ll have the possibility to reward bands for their hard work with your products or services, advertise on selected media and be in the first row to support the next Finnish international breakthrough in music.

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Fuel for Stage Team

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Jani Järvinen

Chief Executive Officer



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Software Developer


Alexandra Kivinen

Event Manager, Promotion and Staff


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Chief Digital Officer



Tuukka Järvinen

Chief Operative Officer, Affiliate Relations




Minja Smura

Chief Marketing Officer

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Jani Karppanen

Project Director, Technology

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Pasi Pietikäinen

Sales Director, Sponsors

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Jarkko Järvinen

Creative Director


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Tour Manager, Master of Ceremonies